Bernard is an experienced and compelling speaker. His presentations are always energetic, edgy and at times laugh-out-loud funny. His observations are insightful and his material is fact-based and tailored to individual audiences.

Bernard recently made the top 25 ‘LinkedIn Top Voices Australia 2018’.


Bernard speaks at all kinds of business events including keynotes at conferences, 研讨会, 场外静修和董事会简报会.  He speaks regularly throughout Australia and New Zealand and internationally several times per year.

The Age has described his style as “part stand-up co媒体n, part number-crunching economist.”   One journalist has described him as “quick witted and dynamic as a public speaker … articulate and holds an audience exceptionally well.”


He predicted the seachange shift last decade and in fact popularised the term nationally.  Bernard was also one the first commentators to cite the rise of different workplace expectations between the generations.

However Bernard is perhaps best known over recent years for his popularising of the term “smashed avocado” which is now recognised globally as a symbol of intergenerational differences. He used the term in a satirical column published in 2016 and since then it has spread globally. The Americans for example now refer to the avocado toast generation.

澳大利亚人说“Bernard Salt cuts”, slices and dices contemporary Australia with a precision no other social commentator can match.”


What are the big demographic shifts that are shaping the consumer market, 纳税市场, 中国的退休市场, 在美国, 在加拿大, 在尼日利亚?

Only 人口组 can offer bespoke demographic data visualisation on global markets delivered in an engaging narrative by experienced speakers.

  • 曼哈顿的单身热点在哪里?

  • What is the outlook for the labor market in Japan?

  • 英国人的预期寿命是如何变化的?

  • 什么是Trumpification效应?

  • 你为什么要在澳大利亚投资?

  • 全球移民的断层线在哪里? 

To find out more email or phone 人口组 to see how we can add value, 对您的全球会议的影响和见解.



Bernard conducts 研讨会 generally with boards and senior management teams. And mostly on matters relating to strategic planning and/or forward thinking.  Workshops are typically conducted over a morning or an afternoon.  The format involves Bernard delivering a presentation with original material followed by group discussion and a break.

After the break Bernard facilitates a discussion about the important issues.  The workshop then divides into groups to discuss solutions.  Then Bernard facilitates group feedback and review around each table’s responses.  许多有趣的.  大量的交互.  大量的接触.  Energy levels are elevated for the entire workshop.

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Bernard tailors his presentations to the audience and to the event. A presentation can range from 20 minutes as an after-dinner speech to 50 minutes for a conference keynote.

Bernard generally supports his presentations with PowerPoint to show the basis to his views although he can also speak

Bernard speaks without notes in a fluid and engaging style across an open stage. Delegates have access to take-away slide material which contains original data and graphics. All presentations conclude with a “what to do now” slide.

Bernard带Q去任何可能的地方&从几分钟到一个小时不等. 这就是优秀演讲者的闪光点. 没有脚本. 没有预先警告. Demanding 即席的 responses that are incisive, thought-provoking and at times downright funny.


Bernard has spoken to all levels of business and government in every Australian state and territory. 一般来说,它是财产, 零售, health and financial services industries that have been most likely to engage Bernard to speak.

But he has also found relevance in local government and in state and federal government departments as well as in businesses from tourism & leisure, the arts, various industry associations, banking & 保险, 私人股本, infrastrucure, 制造业, 房地产, 各级教育, 信息技术, 农业综合企业, 媒体, 物流和其他很多方面.

Bernard has spoken to corporate audiences across New Zealand, 东南亚, 中国, 印度, 南非, 南美, 中美洲, 遍布美国和加拿大, and also throughout Western Europe including London.

伯纳德在早餐时讲话, 午餐和晚餐, at boardroom briefings and at senior management retreats. He has delivered the keynote address at conferences in front of 3,000 delegates.

He has presented to foreign language audiences through translators and to audiences in other cities and countries via satellite hook ups.

He has delivered presentations in 世界 cities and locations including Buenos Aires, 都柏林, 巴塞罗那, 开普敦, 新德里, 北京, 摩纳哥, 卢森堡, 纽约, 开曼群岛, 马德里, 哥斯达黎加和胡志明市.

Within Australia Bernard has spoken to local audiences in every capital city but also to audiences in regional areas such as Longreach (Qld), Merredin (WA), Ularu (NT), 仙女港(Vic), 林肯港(SA), 达博(新南威尔士州), 德文波特(塔斯)和其他许多人.

Bernard has spoken to politicians in parliament house, 给CHOGM的商业领袖, 汤斯维尔的土著社区, 以及艾丽斯斯普林斯的学校团体.

In terms of charitable works and presentations Bernard has spoken to Anglicare, 救世军, 向红十字会, 抗癌委员会以及教堂, 青年, 更广泛的运动和志愿者团体.

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